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Life is filled with both joy and heartache and nothing is more painful than when a loved one’s life journey is nearing its end. But just because the end is coming that doesn’t mean it should be a painful experience for our loved ones or those that care for them.

At Hospice Associates of New Orleans, we believe that when a cure is no longer possible, individuals with a life-limiting illness deserve an end-of-life care plan built on knowledge, compassion, and access to services designed to fit their specific needs.

Hospice Associates was founded by Dr. Ricardo Febry, a New Orleans physician that became intimately involved in hospice and palliative care when his own father was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

In caring for his own father Dr. Febry became aware of the challenges facing families when determining the best care for their loved ones. Upon his father’s passing, Dr. Febry made the decision to start a hospice that would be built on a foundation of compassion, rooted in the science of medicine, and backed by the expertise of dedicated physicians.

Since 2004 Dr. Febry and his team of experienced physicians, nurses, counselors, and other medical professionals have provided physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support to patients and their families throughout the greater New Orleans area.

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